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Do you offer support for caregiver ?

Yes, we offer occasional support groups for caregivers to share experiences about meeting the daily challenges of care giving.


Why do you have intergenerational activities?

  • According to a recent survey by AARP, 45 percent of grandparents live more than 200 miles from their most distant grandchild.
  • Adults want to nurture and children want to be nurtured.
  • Adults have something to teach and children have something to learn.
  • A study taking place at ONEgeneration, an intergenerational day care, has found that people with mild to moderate dementia are benefiting from their program through demonstrated improvement in their mood and interaction during the time spent with the children.

Is everyone required to participate in the intergenerational activities?

There are opportunities for intergenerational activities but, as all of our activities, it is always optional.The preschoolers will visit the program about once a week for approximately 30 minutes.

Do you provide health services?

We are a licensed social center. We have a nurse on call and welcome OT and PT to meet their clients at The Gathering Place during open hours. 

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